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Photo via "Flaunt Magazine" July 2019 issue


"Stay and Fight makes the powerful argument that fighting within a family is necessary, formative; it's the practice that prepares us to fight for our families when the time comes. Hers is the fiercest, wisest book about parenting that I've read in a long time." SARAH SHUN-LIEN BYNUM, author of Ms. Hempel Chronicles

"If Carolyn Chute and Larry Brown and Carson McCullers had a love child, it might be Madeline ffitch's brutal and brilliant debut novel. What a wise, funny, and shining story, born into the world just in time to teach us about friendship, hardship, self-reliance, and black rat snakes." BONNIE JO CAMPELL, author of Once Upon a River

"Madeline ffitch is one of the few real writers on the planet. And Stay and Fight is a real novel. ffitch has the funny, not funny, gorgeous, breathing world in her hands. She is giving it to you to hold for a while." CAROLYN CHUTE, author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine and Treat Us Like Dogs and We Will Become Wolves



"Mythic and particular, domestic and political, modest and ambitious, strange and familiar, Stay and Fight is a radical and ferocious success. The book disturbs the legacy of a frontier literature, and it points the way to a fresh conception of the Great American Novel" CHRIS BACHELDER, author of The Throwback Special


"These endearing but sometimes quirky characters are portrayed with so much brutal tenderness, humor, honest, and wisdom. Complex emotions and and intersectional worldview expressed in sparse prose that echoes the lyricism of the Appalachian hills." ZAKES MDA, author of Ways of Dying

"In her debut novel, Madeline ffitch renders a loving and lawless portrait of a remarkable Appalachian family and the conventions that bind them with undeniable wit and brilliance. Fans of Joy Williams and Nell Zink will find a familiar, but ffitch brings her own compass to these woods and clears new ground while she's out there. An enthralling debut." AMELIA GRAY, author of Isadora

"A fierce love story for our time . . . No marketing copy - no matter how sharp - can fully portray the rich, insightful exploration of family, authority, nature, and Appalachia herein. So you really should read this sparkling debut for yourself." PETE MULVIHILL, Green Apple Books, San Francisco, CA


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